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About Us


We are a single window water services and solutions provider with a GREEN outlook

The Green Water Company (TGWC) is India’s first digital water services platform. We offer holistic water services and solutions to our customers that includes both individuals and organisations. Our highly skilled Green Water Specialists help with the quality check of your water treatment plant and fixing a leak in your kitchen or bathroom drain pipes. They are also extremely adept at rectifying any fault line existing in your water systems.

The Green Water Company is not a typical startup. Our family name has been a renowned one in the plumbing and water management industry for four generations. The vertical expansion was long-overdue.


Where we come from

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come


TGWC came into existence during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to the co-founders Gautam Khandelwal & Shubhra Jain Khandelwal.

The idea took root when they became aware of the challenges people encountered while allowing unauthenticated and inexperienced technicians into their personal and professional spaces. The conventional booking & management of services too had taken a hit due to the closure of offices. Thus, the idea to provide a trusted and trained technician to customers was born. The Green Water Specialists are skilled and highly experienced professionals who provide solutions to all water related problems.


What are we aiming at

To provide Indian homes and institutions with water management services and solutions, reverting to the Harappan system of water management.

To be a globally acclaimed ‘green’ water solutions provider by ensuring maximum efficiency with minimum carbon footprints.


To provide our customers with

Efficient and sustainable water management services to help conserve this precious and scarce resource
The right expertise ensuring a positive experience
User friendly services with prompt and timely deliveries

As a Green Company, our main focus is to increase customer awareness about the water situation. We, with the help of our water experts, believe in educating them about their water needs and usages. With this, maximum water can be conserved while providing water management and plumbing services to our end users.


What we offer

The Green Water Company is here to help you re-imagine water management. How we provide value is by offering services and solutions to:

Control a building’s water consumption, reducing usage up to 25%

Intercept water equipment failure & reduce downtime

Help to achieve cost savings by recycling water

Repair and upkeep of water systems

In addition, we provide solutions:

For optimising a Water Treatment Plant
To repair your Drains
To fix your Water Heating System
To suggest a Separation Technology for a cleaner environment
To maintain or operate a Swimming Pool & Other Water Bodies
To service your Pump
To repair a leaking Faucet
For other water or plumbing related issues



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